Designed for the cargo of tomorrow
Modular... Built around an extremely flexible architecture, EDIAir Host is a modular product easy to expand and add new functionality each customer need.
and Customizable Because of the architecture, EDIAir Host is easy to customize according your specific requirements. If you have a special way to do your work, ask us, EDIAir Host probably can do it.
Messaging EDIAir Host is able to exchange data with your partners using CargoIMP messages, XML or proprietary messages. Whatever message format you choose to use, EDIAir Host has a rich range of possibility to send/receive them: Type B, email, ftp, proprietary protocol or over Cargo Community Systems (Traxon etc.).
Easy data transfer EDIAir Host use a proprietary format database created with the goal to maximize the speed in responses and processing, to allow to manage complex data structure, to make it easy to export to other databases and paying no license cost. Using new software like EDIAir Host often force you to load old data into the new system. Sychene has a specific experience in this field and he have developed high speed import and conversion tools to load old data into EDIAir Host faster and easier.
Reactive Furthermore, it is possible to configure EDIAir Host in a way that the reception of a message automatically starts specific processes (booking, flight schedule update etc.)
Growing! Besides being a concrete software, resolving problems and offering a high user experience, EDIAir Host is a dynamic piece of software that continue to grow with the demands and needs of our customers. New features and existing procedure improvements are constantly added for free.
On the Web EDIAir Host is provided with a web interface where your partners can request shipment status by contacting your customized web site saving your time attending phones and email inquiries. Furthermore EDIAir Web provides for issuance of AWBs and HWBs.
Effective EDIAir Host has been developed in close cooperation with industry partners from ground handling and carriers. The development has been made implementing procedures able to solve realistic and daily business cases.
Multilanguage EDIAir Host is a multi language software. With a click you can change the language of the whole system. If this is not enough you can also easily add new languages to the system.
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