Because details matter... Print AWBs, manage EDIAir Host users rights, elaborate detailed statistics and a lot more! Cockpit
Air Waybill
  • AWB Creation & editing from graphical interface and from received FWB message.
  • List of the AWB in the system
  • High quality AWB printing including back and with or without AWB layout
  • Search AWB by any string contained in the AWB
Air Waybill - Particulars Air Waybill - Printout particular
  • Multiple user account with different access privileges
  • Template: create a privileges profiles and apply it to a specifi user
  • For each menu it is possible to set per user/group the access type.
  • Access type: no access, read only or read/write
  • Possibility to restrict even more the access (disable single buttons etc.)
Administration window - Green: full access; Yellow: Read only access; Red: no access
  • Message addresses [Airline, Message type, Origin, Destination, SHC, Flag, Sita addresses, Email addresses]
  • Airport [Code, name, city]
  • Country [ Code, Name, Currency, VAT, EuRegion, IataRegion]
  • City [Code, name]
  • Currency [Flag, Code, Name, Change]
  • Special code[Code, Description, IataCode, Automated Booking, Comment]
  • Class Volumes [Description, Code, Kg/mc, lbs/cf]
  • Warehouse location [From-To, AreaCode, Remarks]
  • Fleet [Airline, Reg.Num, Code, Description, Weight cap., Volume cap., Weight fs lim., Volume fs. Lim, Remarks]
  • Airlines [Id, 2 letter carried code, 3 letter carrier code, prefix, name, phone, Iata Carrier, StockControl]
  • Aircraft type [Code, Manufacturer,Description, Remarks, MTOW,Payload, FuelCapacity, CargoCapacity, Volume, Ulds, Pallets, Containers, CargoOnly]
  • Aircraft manufacturers[Code, Name]
  • Partners [Id]
  • Agents [Code, Name1, Name2, Street, City, Country, ZipCode, Phone, Email, IataCode, AccountNumber]
  • Shippers [Code, Name1, Name2, Street, City, Country, ZipCode, Phone, Email, IataCode, AccountNumber]
  • Consignee [Code, Name1, Name2, Street, City, Country, ZipCode, Phone, Email, IataCode, AccountNumber]
  • Carriers [Code, Code2, Code3, Name, NotifyReceive]
Tables - Message Addresses Tables - Special handling code Tables - Currency
  • Period specification: custom period, this year, this month, this week
  • Sort statistic by: prefix, airline, flight,origin/destination, custom status.
  • Evaluate cargo by weight or number of AWB.
  • Group data by month, week or day.
  • Cargo type: import/export
  • Export statistics to excel
  • Easy and intuitive interface.
  • Multilingual, with the possibility to easily add new language or modify old ones
  • Historical financial and non-financial data are stored indefinitely.
  • Available functionalities depend on the login credentials.
  • Feedback warning during data entry.
  • Keyboard shortcut to reach any menu
  • List of the last typed AWB
  • Proprietary DBMS with the possibility to export the data to other format
  • Developed on a modern programming language that is acknowledged and supported by several parties including a development community: C# on the .Net 4.0 framework
  • Flexible means of communicating with other systems through Web Services etc.
  • Easy and fast server/client deployment. Easy and fast adding client.
  • Not dependent on any proprietary hardware. (hardware devices, dongles, proprietary communication)
  • System can work with different currency.
  • Exchange rate can be manually set or automatically updated from the Central European Bank and other bank.
  • EDIAir Host is provided with EDIAir Web a web interface to many online services: AWB, HWB, Reservation, Tracking, Manifest etc. Please click here for details.
Language window Fleet Window Class Volume Window
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