Manage flights, messages and reservation with brightness An extremely rich set of features will make easy to insert and modify your flights schedule, to create, search and forward the messages you receive by sita/email and to work with reservation.
Flight Schedule
  • Creation or modification of flight schedule by SSIM or other structured message
  • Creation or modification of flight schedule by graphical interface
  • Effectiveness period
  • Effectiveness day of week
  • Exceptions: different routing and arrival/departure based on day of week/Day of month/Day of year/Period
  • Routing specification (multi-sector)
  • Last acceptance specification (for each sector) for booking purposes.
  • Aircraft registration ID
  • Aircraft capacity
  • Aircraft volume
  • Volume/weight adjustments (for each sector and period)
  • Volume/weight allotments (for each sector and period)
Flight schedule Booking Parameters
  • Free sale limit weight
  • Free sale limit volume
  • Refuse if booked volume over
  • Refusal of Dangerous Goods not accepted by carrier
  • Incoming FBL (min): automatically send FBL before the flight departure
  • Outgoing FBL (min): automatically send FBL before the flight departure
Flight Schedule - Particular Flight Schedule - Creation of an exception Daily Flights
Uld Control and Inventory
  • Uld history
  • Search by: Uld number, Remarks or history
  • Sort uld by Number etc.
  • Edit uld
  • Print ULD report
Uld Inventory Uld Edit
  • Send/Receive message by Sita, email, ftp etc.
  • Message list filtered by period, type, incoming/outgoing
  • Search message
  • Manual message forwarding
  • Automatic rule based message forwarding (according to Ailrine, msg. type, origin, destination, shc
  • Auto FWB request by FWR
  • Auto FSU/NFD send
  • Print messages
Handled Messages
  • FWB/16 Air Waybill
  • FFM Manifest
  • FBL Freight Boarding List
  • FSU Status Update
  • FSR Status Request
  • FSA Status Answer
  • FFR Reservation Request
  • FFA Reservation Answer
  • FWR Request for FWB
  • FMA Message Acknowledgement
  • FNA Error Message
  • FYT Free Text Message
List of Incoming Messages Messages handled by the system
  • Reservation history � Shows all operation done on a specific reservation.
  • Local or interline booking
  • Interline booking send automatically FFR
  • Split booking in multiple parts
  • Booking on multi segment flight (local & interline)
  • Research flight matching booking data
  • Booking fields: Nature of goods, Special Cargo, #pieces, Tot Weight, Tot Volume, Length, Weight, Height, Class volume, Remarks
  • Booking status: none (default when user has not yet set this sector status), booked (booking segment is booked), canceled (previous booked booking segment has been canceled), ignore (the system receive a message containing booking sector not operated by the system), need confirmation (FFR with a booking request is received but the system cannot book for some reason), space request (wanted to book a shipment to another airline), unable (not able to accept a booking request), unable not operate(not able to accept a booking request), wait list(waitlist a reservation).
Reservation Window Reservation - Flight search
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