Straight to the AWBs You need to work with AWB. You want to print them, save them, create template to speed up your work and of course you want to send them via email as FWB. And no, you don�t want to pay for a new software and having to install it. Time to use EDIAir Web.
Panel Panel High quality Pdf print Send FWB is important but what about print it? EDIAir Web is able to generate exceptional high quality Air Waybill pdf that you will be able to print immediately or to save for later printing or later reference. Of course EDIAir Web can print the Air Waybill with AWB layout (in case you use white paper) or whitout it (in case you use pre printed AWB paper). Not enough? Well, you can also print AWB back or just AWB layout :)
The best interface you can desire Forgot strange interface, manual to read and other annoying story. Air Waybill interface in EDIAir Web is exactly as you would expect: the same as your comfortable old AWB paper. You will find the same fields in the same position with more the assistance of our software giving you the help to avoid mistakes. You will not be able to write numbers where numbers are not permitted, or writing more character then required. And a further check will warn you if you use description not allowed by the new EU Customs regulations.
FWB sending Filled in the Awb form? Time to send it! The system will create the corresponding FWB (version 16, last version) and you will be able to see the resulting message or send it directly to your carrier by email.

The generated message will be saved and it will be accessible indefinitely for future reference.
Template Probably you need often to generate AWB that are similar to AWB you previously created. Template have been created for this, to avoid typing again and again the same things.

Any AWB can be saved as a template specifying a name you like. A template list, similarly to the AWB list, will show you all the available template.
FWB archive - Save messages All the messages you send or print are automatically saved in an AWB list. But of course, you can also explicitly save a message if you need.

The message list gives you the opportunity to list all the messages you generated, open them (for editing/printing/sending again), delete them.

EDIAir Web will store indefinitely the message.
Air Waybill interface screenshot
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