Sophisticated yet simple! Powerful yet easy, EDIAir Web Manifest is our online solution to offer to your customers the ability to create and send FFM messages by email.
A dynamic interface FFM message can contains a lot of information that can be repeated many times. EDIAir Web manifest was designed to satisfy at the same time the sophisticated FFM needs and the needs of an extremely simple, clear and non-obtrusive user interface.
We accomplished this goal with a very dynamic page containing the mandatory FFM information and some buttons that expand it to include many more optional data.
To simplify even more your job, EDIAir Web has many field pre-filled with default value.
Expanding Bulk Loaded Cargo
Click on the "plus" button to add multiple lines.
Adding Uld
Click on the "Add Uld" button to add multiple Uld
Adding Unloading
Click on the "Add unloading" button to add multiple unloading
Need to access an old FFM? EDIAir Web Manifest service automatically saves all the data in the form each time you press the Print or Send button. This give you the possibility to retrieve an old manifest you entered in the past and also to correct it and if you need send it again.
Data check
As for other services, EDIAir Web checks the correctness of the data (missing data, incorrect data type etc.) preventing you to make mistakes and send incorrect FFM message.
FFM version
Do you work with FFM/5 or FFM/8? Or maybe another version?
Don�t worry, EDIAir Web Manifest is a very flexible service that can be configured to send different FFM version according your needs.
Beside creating FFM messages, EDIAir Web Manifest is also able to generate manifest printout trough a high quality PDF file. This give you the possibility to save the printout manifest file and keep it for future reference.
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